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Our Background

As kinesiologists working in the health and fitness industry we were discouraged by the lack of choices when it came to preventative health. Tired of the same old one size fits all approach we created Trainsmart Wellness as a place where we could provide customized and tailored health programs for individuals and companies alike. Because just like how no two individuals are the same, every company will have their own unique needs as well. Our packages are custom tailored to your employee’s needs. Our offerings were developed as an alternative to the traditional services offered in the industry. With employee feedback and the very highest standards we have developed programs that are innovative and engaging.

Our Services

Fitness Training 

Bringing fitness to the workplace with a wide variety of exercise classes that include; Bootcamp, High Intensity Interval training Yoga, Pilates, Movement Restoration and more! Not to mention individualized exercise programs for employees.

Fitness & Health Assessments

Our assessments revolve around how we move, how well our heart responds to stress and what our body is truly composed of in order to get a total picture of health. It’s an experience unique and unlike any other out there in the field of health and wellness

Wellness Coaching

With the guidance of a kinesiologist your employees will begin to understand their current health habits, identify ways to reach their own wellness goals, and develop an action plan with practical strategies to move them in the right direction


Our interactive workshops will equip employees with the information, strategies and skills needed to change.  Our wellness workshops use universal learning principles, case studies, and best practices to deliver practical information, tools, and resources that will support employees’ health.

Massage Therapy 

We bring relaxation to the office with our mobile Massage Therapists. The option is yours, relaxation or a massage that can focus on teaching you how to get rid of that nagging pain or injury. Our team of Registered Massage Therapists are well versed in their abilities to treat.


Create a healthier environment by making changes to the work space in order to help employees work more comfortably. Our ergo tours are an interactive way for our kinesiologists to go around to individual employee work stations and make personalized changes to fit the station to the employee’s needs.

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