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Why should you work with Trainsmart Wellness?


We’re focused on you. As Kinesiologists, we’re well-versed in the body’s optimal movement. But we’re more than just Kinesiology experts. We design assessments and programs revolving around your health, your personal preferences, and your dislikes. We specialize in programming for real people with real goals. We conduct an in-depth analysis of your physical condition, which becomes the driving force of our completely customizable exercise plans. We don’t just concentrate on your goals, we focus on what your body specifically needs to reach your goal injury-free. Are you ready to get your body moving?

What are the Benefits?

Heart health

With regular exercise, your heart becomes bigger and stronger, and able to send oxygen more efficiently to your changing muscles. Breathing will become easier during exercise; your blood vessels will become more elastic; your heart rate will lower.

Brain health

Exercise’s mental benefits can be felt long before you notice physical changes. Improved oxygen flow to the brain releases hormones that aid brain cell growth, boosting memory and learning. Regular exercise is also an effective method for the prevention and treatment of depression.

Fat loss

As your body adjusts to pumping more oxygen and powering through exercise, it will burn carbohydrates and fats. You can shape your workout plan around specific exercises, such as high-intensity interval training or endurance training, to burn excess fat.

Bone density

Our bone mass reaches its peak in adulthood before a slow decline. Weight-bearing exercise, such as plyometrics and weight-lifting, can maintain and rebuild bone density. Even if you haven’t been exercising, you can still regenerate bone density with exercise at any age.

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What’s Included?

How Does Exercise Affect The Body?

As you begin an exercise routine, your breathing will quicken. You will be sore, as exercise causes microscopic tears in muscles. Sounds bad, but it’s really the opposite. Minor to moderate pain is a normal, necessary part of adjusting to exercise. Your muscles repair themselves and become stronger than before. At Trainsmart, we craft programs that suit your fitness level, so as to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle in a safe way.


As you acclimatize, your breathing won’t be as laboured as you continue exercising regularly. Your bigger, stronger heart is able to pump oxygen more efficiently around the body. You gain muscle and burn excess fat. Exercise releases synovial fluid, which lubricates your joints. Joint pain dissipates while your flexibility and range of motion increases. The force of your muscles pulling against your bones stimulates bone density regeneration. Exercise also leads to better focus, allowing you to perform basic tasks more efficiently. Increased oxygen flow to the brain improves your learning and memory capabilities. Exercise is imperative to maintaining overall health, and also protects you against chronic disease.

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Jacob Farjou

Jacob Farjou is the Founder and Lead Kinesiologist at Trainsmart Wellness. He believes in educating and empowering people of all ages to live healthier lives. He is a passionate advocate for exercise, and takes a preventative approach to healthcare. Jacob is a registered Kinesiologist, with an extensive background in Kinesiology, Fitness & Health, and Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management.  He has worked with cardiac rehabilitation patients at Brampton Civic Hospital; and was listed on Brampton’s 40 Under 40 in 2017.