Happy New Year Trainsmart Wellness Family! We hope this year brings you all nothing but good health and happiness. We know that the new year can be overwhelming with making goals and trying to stick with them throughout the year. However, fear no more we wanted to get you started on the right path and share these 9 health and wellness tips for 2019 that can help guide you through your health and wellness journey. Enjoy!

1. Prioritize:

You can only scam so many activities into your calendar. Over-commitment can lead to stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy, eating habits, and fatigue. Keep a calendar of your dates and activities and learn to say no if your sleep or downtime is going to be compromised.

2. Stay Hydrated:

Drink lots of fluids! Water, water and more water. Begin each day by having a big glass of warm water with lemon squeezed in. Health benefit – Many people mistake thirst for hunger; when truly hydrated you won’t have false hunger and be more in touch with your natural hunger patterns. As an added benefit keeping your body hydrated will also have a direct impact on the health of your skin – dehydrated body = rough itchy skin while maintaining proper hydration it will keep your skin looking great. Lemon water also cleanses the liver and bodily tissues and decreases water retention. It’s highly alkalizing and an excellent source of Vitamin C and electrolytes.

3. Have a healthy breakfast:

Whatever you think will sustain you for a few hours – whether it’s pancakes or smoothie, oatmeal or even eggs. Health benefit – during busy times more than ever we need to fuel our bodies. Setting a healthy intention each morning by eating a nutritious breakfast will set us off in the right direction of making healthier choices throughout the day.

4. Take “me” Time:

Be totally selfish, carve away a bit of time each day that is all about YOU. Read a book, get a massage, go to the gym, do some yoga, meditate or for the ultimate luxury detox – take a bath; make it extra potent by adding in some soothing Epsom salt, bubbles, and essential oils.

5. Don’t Shop Hungry:

My biggest tip to avoid temptations and over buying at the grocery store or shopping is to eat before you go out. Try your best to have a good meal before you go or even bring a healthy bar snack on if you start to feel hungry.

6. Make Exercise Fun:

Exercise is a known stress reliever. Enjoy a brisk walk in the winter air, take up cross-country skiing or snowboarding, go for a skate at your local rink, go tobogganing, or grab a friend and go for a workout. Shoveling can also be great exercise and an easy way to keep you healthy during the busy season. But be careful – it’s easy to hurt yourself. Stretch, take your time and dress appropriately. If you have an elderly neighbour, give them a helping hand and shovel their drive and walkway

7. Catch up on some Sleep:

It’s not uncommon to lose sleep as our holiday activities increase. Party here, party there and busy work schedules. However, let’s not forget that our sleep is crucial to maintain our energy! You can still have fun, just be generous and listen to your body when it needs rest!


8. Find what Works for You:

Every individual is different. We all have different fitness goals; different goals we want to achieve. You have to find what works best for you. If this means seeking further help from a health professional or incorporating something more to your fitness routine, go for it! Now is the time, create that habit and stick to it. Get into that mindset that anything is possible. Healthy mind, healthy body.

9. Goals, Goals, Goals:

It’s time to set achievable goals for 2019! Set time aside to really think about 5 things you want to happen whether it be to go on an adventure, do something for yourself or quit that job you no longer like! Make a timeline for each goal and stick to it. You can also check out local goal setting workshops and bring your friends along. 2019 is your year!!