The Story Behind Trainsmart Wellness

Kinesiology is the driving passion that influences all that I do. I believe that everyone should have the ability to live healthier lives through the skill set of kinesiology. But I have realized that my expertise in understanding the human body and health promotion is new information for many. I had thought about the best way to spread this message of health and well being but I felt as though I wasn’t reaching out to those who need and who would benefit the most from my services.

As I sat in class learning new information about the body and how to live a healthier life I thought to myself, how do I disseminate this knowledge to people in a manner that they can understand and easily adopt? What can I do for my community to help them get healthier and enjoy their lives through physical activity? As I sit in my office in a clinic that is designed to do just that I find myself asking the same question. What can I do get my community to adopt a healthier lifestyle.



Kinesiology means so much to me for the simple fact that it gives people the skills to help change their health for the better. This has become my passion, to help guide people on the right track with expert advice and share all that I have learned. That is why Trainsmart Wellness exists in the Heart of Brampton. This is Brampton’s kinesiology clinic and I take pride in that. Trainsmart Wellness was established with the intention of getting Brampton healthier through health promotion, specialized exercise prescription and lifestyle modifications. You can stop by for a friendly chat and ask questions knowing that the information you receive is information that will guide you on the right track. So I ask this of my city, share this message to your parents, your family, your friends, your co-workers and everyone else.


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