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Trainsmart Wellness is a collective of kinesiologists dedicated to one thing, elevating each individual’s health and fitness status. No matter where you are in the spectrum of physical fitness, our philosophy will help you achieve longevity and resilience through mastery of your body.


How can we help you

Building longevity and resilience through exercise and healthy living. We can help you get stronger and live a healthier life if you are ready to embark on this journey. Our Kinesiologists can help you get on the right path. 


In order to make effective and long lasting changes you must be ready and dedicated to achieve your desired goals. Our in depth health consultation is the best place to get you started. Let us help identify what type of program would be most beneficial for you and your current abilities.


Our complete assessment takes a deep look into all the aspects of your body and health that are needed to achieve your goals. Such as cardiovascular fitness, strength, movement & body composition. From here we now have an accurate baseline to track your progress and successes.


With a Kinesiolgost involved you get pinpoint accuracy with your training. As kinesiologists we can help you master your strengths, address your weaknesses and overcome each individual barrier to exercise. We do this through a systematic approach to health and fitness.


The Trainsmart Academy is an online community created to connect you with coaches who are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness & health goals.


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Athletic Training

The Easy Power Training system is designed to take any athlete and build strength, power, and resiliency. Book a consultation with Malik to find out more. 

Meet our team

Working with a Kinesiologist can help you reach capabilities that you never thought possible with exercise. A thorough understanding of the body and how it moves, and functions allows our Kinesiologists to work with anyone who has a body and wants to exercise. Get to know our Kins below and see who is best suited to help you. Not sure, let us pair you up with a Kin based on your needs.


The founder of Trainsmart Wellness. Jacob established Trainsmart as an alternative to the current model of personal training that is out there as he believes everyone can benefit from the services of a Kinesiologist. Jacob has worked with cardiac rehab patients to the 9-5er who continuously wants to explore their potential. As long as you are motivated to be better, Jacob will help get you to your potential whatever that may be.


Sanja is a kinesiologist who believes that living a balanced lifestyle is the cornerstone of your well-being. She has become known for her abundance of energy and bumping playlists while facilitating group fitness classes. Sanja’s philosophy is that training should be fun, functional and make your everyday life better. She hopes to continue to effectively educate and help individuals achieve their optimal level of health. She has always had a strong passion for health promotion while helping others build confidence and resilience through movement. 


Malik is a Brampton-based kinesiologist specializing in movement and performance optimization. He has always had a passion and curiosity about the inner workings of the human body, and how all the systems can be optimized and expressed through athletics. In blurring the lines of clinician, strength coach and sports therapist, Malik works in a multitude of capacities from weekend warriors, to clients returning from surgery/injury, and elite provincial and national level athletes looking for their competitive edge.   


As a kinesiologist Debbie has been able to work with a variety of individuals. However her speciality and passion lies primarily in health promotion and chronic disease management. She strongly believes that everyone has the ability to exercise regardless of their health, experience, or abilities. Exercise is very much a form of medicine. Regardless of your reason for wanting to exercise Debbie will work with you to find something that is enjoyable and good for your health. 


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